Jacon Plus

From Strategy to Operational Excellence


JaconPlus has gained a broad and in-depth experience in developing, improving and matching operations strategies with operations management. We have successfully applied our methods and instruments in service as well as production environments. Among the industries we have served are distribution, retail, automotive, construction, banking, electronics, transport, public sector, ICT, healthcare, maintenance, and public transport.

We have worked for medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises.

The types of improvement projects we have undertaken include, amongst others

  • Development and planning of operations strategy incl. KPI management
  • supply chain design and performance planning
  • production design, planning and control for pull and push systems
  • multi-site construction planning and integration
  • workshop production layout and material / information flow
  • warehouse management and internal logistics
  • operational risk management
  • service and maintenance planning and design until work instruction levels
  • business process mapping, analysis & performance improvement planning
  • workforce capacity and competence planning
  • project and portfolio management

We don’t just analyze, develop, improve or implement operational excellence programs. We train and coach our clients so that they boost their competencies and prepare themselves and their organizations for the next season.