Jacon Plus

From Strategy to Operational Excellence

Our focus

We focus on the quality, reliability and efficiency of companies’ core processes, as well as their alignment with the enterprise strategy. However, we first challenge the strategy itself, or the way you will serve your customers’ interests the next season. We look at how the strategy is translated into product and service features, and how your operational processes enable a fast and high-quality delivery of the requested product or service. We analyze how processes should be designed, improved, planned and controlled.

The toolbox

We only use proven methods to achieve operational excellence, like Flow models, Lean, Six Sigma, the Balanced Scorecard, the Theory of Constraints and Factory Physics. Value stream mapping is a standard approach in improving business processes.

An integrated approach

Whenever we map critical success factors of an improvement project, we usually see that technical aspects are not the main drivers of success. Key players for success are true leadership, team competencies, availability of resources and a strong commitment to take care of the customer. That is why we look at all dimensions of the transformation process.

A very structured approach

JaconPlus has gained a unique reputation for finding the right levers to improve performance, for bringing fresh ideas and management thinking to the customer’s organization and for building strong relationships with all stakeholders involved, whatever their position in the organization.

As every assignment involves change, we always proceed following project management principles.